All of our packages, regardless of hours, have the same effort put into ensuring that your video is a reflection of both your personality and style. Having more time with you allows us to capture details and a deeper story line than is possible in a smaller package. We encourage all couples to consider what their goal is for their wedding video. Is it capturing the events themselves, or telling the story of who you are and why you fell in love.

Full Day Coverage (Unlimited hours) – $5000

By including  a full day of coverage, we are able to take the time necessary to capture both the best moments and the stories behind them.   Getting ready is more than just getting dressed, it’s a time when you are more relaxed and able to reflect on how you got here. One of the ways we like to do this is with an informal interview towards the beginning of the day. No looking at a camera, just you and a cinematographer asking you questions about how you met. The best time for this is while the bride is getting her hair done, and when the groom is finishing getting dressed. It’s things like this along with lots of other little ideas we have that help get you comfortable with us and tell your story. Everything we suggest is just that, a suggestion. We never want you to feel uncomfortable or that we are staging something. We are looking for real emotions and if you don’t want to try something, just let us know. We are there from beginning to end. No worrying about overages and running late.


Custom 3-5 minute cinematic highlight video (highlights posted online for proofing/sharing)
Documentary video covering the ceremony, speeches, and performances
Both movies on 5 Blu-ray or DVD sets
Both movies archived in uncompressed high-definition along with the Raw Footage on a Hard Drive

Additional day of coverage – $4000

Many of the weddings we cover can go for multiple days. Some of the fixed costs involved in our products are already factored in, allowing us to discount the price of an additional day of coverage.

Additional half day of coverage (5 hrs) -  $3500

Some events may not need an entire additional day. This option is for a rehearsal dinner, Garba, or Sangeet. A lot of work happens before filming begins, the 5 hours starts with actual filming time.


Whenever we shoot an event outside of the North East Florida area we ask that the couple provide a room at the venue where events are taking place or where the couple is staying. This allows for us to easily access our equipment and take less time with loading and unloading in between shoots. For a one day shoot we come in the evening before to get our bearings and begin planning for the following day. A room is needed for the night before through the night after all events we are covering.

If a shoot requires a distance outside of where we are able to reasonably drive and a flight is required, it will be billed at cost plus travel time for each shooter. Pricing is determined by situation.


Feature Film – $2000

A feature film is the ultimate presentation of your events.  Weeks of editing time go into creating a video that is long enough to include all the details, but short enough that you will enjoy watching the whole thing in one sitting.  In addition to the full ceremony, speeches, and performances, we incorporate all the parts which made up your day from getting ready to details of decor.  This movie’s length is determined by the amount of events and length of filming time, but it roughly 2-3 hours.

“How We Met” video – Prices starting at $2000

This movie is shot before the wedding and available to show at the rehearsal dinner and/or reception. This video revolves around an interview of the two of you.  Super informal, hopefully you won’t even notice that cameras are there. For about an hour, a cinematographer will chat with you about how you met, how he proposed, and just try to get you to laugh and relax. You can even have some beer or wine. We only keep a few of the best moments from this interview in the final video. The same day we film the interview, we tag along with you doing activities that you both enjoy together. This could be as simple as biking, gardening, cooking, or as exciting as mountain climbing, riding roller coasters, or dancing the tango at a Cuban night club. Basically, anything you can imagine. We combine audio clips from the interview along with the best cinematic shots from the day to create a portrait of who you are. This video is meant to give everyone who watches, a glimpse into your lives and personalities. We have done our job when the audience thinks “They are the cutest couple! Now I know why they are perfect for each other.”

Includes a 3-5 minute “How we met” video on Blu-ray and a flash drive available to be shown at the reception.

Same Day Edit – $2000

This is a 2-4 minute video showcasing the best shots from your wedding, edited and ready to show at the end of the reception.  We work closely with you before the wedding takes place to know exactly what you want to feature and an edit that reflects your style.

Quick turnaround on highlight video – $1000

Our highlight videos are highly edited, custom creations, unique to each couple. It takes a tremendous amount of editing to ensure that the video is exactly as you envision. Normally this process takes a while due to the number of clients that we are giving individual attention. We can speed up the process by having a dedicated editor work with you before and after the wedding to get your highlights online to share with friends in family within a week.